An independent audit process aimed at verifying, confirming and validating the the B-BBEE status of a measured organisation.

B-BBEE Audits

The Verification process is an independent audit process aimed at verifying, confirming, and validating the B-BBEE status of a measured organisation.

The Verification process provides an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective way for businesses to establish and present their B-BBEE status.

Our approach is to work with, and educate, our clients on how to conduct their B-BBEE Audit.

B-BBEE Verification

B-BBEE Verification is often new to our clients. Fortunately, we have the expertise to walk our clients through the intricacies of their audit, ensuring they get it right first time, and most importantly, achieve the best possible scorecard.

Adson provides a full range of services relating to B-BBEE Verification. Our services have been designed and refined from experience to ensure that our clients get all the help they need in maximising their Verification Scorecard.

Our approach is to work with, and educate, our clients on how to conduct their BBBEE Audit.

skill development

Once the Verification Application has been accepted, we will allocate a Verification Analyst. The analyst will arrange to meet with you at your office to provide BBBEE training and take you through the items for which you can claim BEE points.

This is an important step, because if you do not understand the rules applicable to you, your score will not be a true reflection of your BEE Status.

During this meeting, the analyst will show you what evidence is required for verification and leave a checklist with you to use in preparing your evidence.

We encourage you to complete the evidence collection phase within 30 days of receiving the Verification Manual. At this point, the evidence will be collected and evaluated by the Verification Analyst.

Once it has been collected, the Verification Analyst assesses the evidence. The analyst determines which evidence needs to be audited and prepares a verification plan based on samples drawn from the BEE elements, communicating the Verification Plan & Schedule to you.

Once you have signed-off the Verification Plan, we will conduct an on-site verification which will include:

Client Briefing – We will begin with an on-site client briefing to introduce the team and resolve any last-minute issues or questions.

Verification of Each Element – WE will then verify each element required in the codes according to the verification plan.

Exit Briefing – Once We have completed the on-site verification, we will set up a final meeting with your management team to discuss any issues and further actions to be taken.

On completing the on-site verification, the Verification Manager audits the client file to ensure compliance with SANAS R47, the BEE Codes of Good Practice and our internal standards and procedures.

Should there be no appeals, or once any issues surrounding the verification have been addressed, We will issue you with a final BBBEE Verified Scorecard and Certificate.


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