On the BEE front, we have been inundated by clients that have been promised scores by questionable consultants that never materialise.  How does this come about?


The verification company and consultant need to be on the same page to ensure that the verification company’s stances and opinions on verification are accurately translated to the client to create the correct portfolio of evidence for date of verification.

  1. The Verification Company and the consultant both need to understand that they work for the client and not each other, so that the client benefits.
  2. The ultimate decision lies with the measured entity as to what they want to implement, change and spend on their points earnings.
  3. The measured entity needs to ensure that the info they hand over to the consultant/ verification agency, e.g. payroll, organogram, financials, spends etc are accurate and correct otherwise surprises will always happen.
  4. Companies that play post man and do not scrutinise the info they are sending through, will inevitably have a problem on the date of verification.
  5. A pre-verification meeting with both the consultant and verification company present, is a good time to get clarity on the verification process.
  6. A post- verification meeting is essential to understand the points issued at verification date and iron out any issues for the next verification.

B-BBEE is an intricate and involved process that can save or cost your company big money. Proper planning will avoid a poor performance.

Don’t see it as a grudge purchase, see it as essential to the survival of your company. There are many solutions and incentives that you can utilise to save on your spend and reduce your tax.

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