B-BBEE planning is the verification process

An important step in your B-BBEE planning is the verification process. Here are a few pointers to ensure your organisation submits B-BBEE documentation correctly:

  1. All information submitted to the B-BBEE verification agency should have all relevant, updated, and accurate documentation available in your file.
  2. A Verification Agent will not tolerate false evidence. A company can’t buy its B-BBEE points, and neither will fronting make your company compliant.
  3. All documentation that is required needs to be available for submission. This will limit the review queries and frustration when the verification agency receives the electronic evidence file.
  4. Neatly build your file to avoid frustration and a delayed verification process. Nothing frustrates a verification analyst and technical signatory more than incorrectly scanned or upside-down scanned documentation.
  5. Ensure that the submitted documentation falls within the measuring period.
  6. All documentation needs to correspond, e.g., Invoice, Proof of payment, etc.

Any documentation that doesn’t correspond won’t be submitted and no B-BBEE points will be allocated to the specific element, which will have a level impact on the B-BBEE Certificate issued.

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