President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that level 3 restrictions would start on the 1st of June 2020, meaning that more economic activities would be eased, allowing more people to back to their offices and resume operations. While many expressed glee at being able to leave their houses and earn a living, others experienced a sense of anxiety due to the fear of the unknown. After spending more than eight weeks working from home, and getting accustomed to the new reality, the sudden change of going back to work while the pandemic continues to cause havoc around the world has made many uncomfortable – how do they make it work?


While alcohol sanitisers, social distancing and masks are the order of the day to help prevent the spread of the virus, what measures can you take to make the mental effects of the ordeal more bearable? Research has shown that it takes a minimum of 21 days for a habit to be formed. After more than 60 days indoors, citizens now must create a new pattern – adjusting to the new reality of going back to work. With South Africans at the centre of our hearts, we strive to reinforce employment and empower workforce growth throughout the country and work alongside clients with the same principle at mind we’ve compiled a list of helpful steps which can make the daunting process bearable. With that being said, we have compiled a list of useful tips which can make the transition more bearable.


  1. Create a routine

Before lockdown happened, we all had a habit which we followed, which made everyday life more comfortable. Now that a new reality is required, there is no better way than to form a new routine which helps with familiarity – the more accustomed we get with something, the easier it becomes to do as we get better at it as time goes by. Having your lunch box, masks, and sanitisers in place before you step out to ensure that you don’t forget them when you leave the house has proven to be helpful. Training yourself to take regular computer breaks so that the need to rub your eyes does not occur, practising social distancing so that it becomes inherent wherever you go, little things such as these make all the difference, especially during a pandemic.


  1. Comfort devices

It may sound silly, but if you worked well with your crotched blanket, a unique mug, or a family photo, then bring those to work to help you settle into your new reality. Having an object that brings a sense of comfort or reminds you of your safe space can help bring happiness and push you through the day to get your tasks done.


  1. Limit your social media

With so much negative and false news being circulated on social media, it is vital to stay alert and revise which kind of story you can handle and which you cannot. If specific posts make you anxious or if the first 5 minutes of your social media scrolling create unrealistic fears, perhaps it is time to limit your screen time or take a break altogether. During this challenging time, it is best to eliminate any triggers that may affect your productivity or negatively affect your mental health.


  1. Mental health Apps

We have become so consumed with our work that we forget that the 15 minutes breathing break is more important than the lunch break. Taking a few minutes to do breathing exercises or meditation to ground yourself for the activities which need to be done can be beneficial for your stress management. There are many free Apps which can help aid mindfulness. Stimulation apps which help to keep your brain active by helping improve your memory, processing speed and concentration can assist you in better handling your new reality.


  1. Be Mindful

Shared cutlery, stationery, bathrooms, public transportation, door handles, be mindful of the many small inconveniences that may lead to infection. Regularly washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces, limiting the sharing of cutlery, stationery, phones, computer mouse, all of these can be gateways to spreading the virus. Keep yourself and your family safe by being mindful of how your actions can affect others.


2020 Has proven to be a challenging year so far. As we approach the month of June, Tusanang will be introducing several packages that will make going back to work and operating under new conditions easier for your organisation. To find out more about our packages, keep an eye out for our social media platforms, sign up for our mailing lists, or send an email to With the future in mind, we are always one step ahead.



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