Employment Equity

Equity in your workplace

The purpose of the employment Equity plan is to enable the employer “to achieve reasonable progress towards Employment Equity”, to assist in eliminating unfair discrimination in the workplace, and to achieve equitable representation of employees from designated groups by means of affirmative action measures.  

Policy Revision

Development or Revising of policies and procedures according to barriers and affirmative action measures on the EEA13 

Procedure Development

Policy and procedure development or revising, Employee Consultation and presentation 

Equity Manager

Presentation of max 15 employees per presentation and Assisting with the appointing of an Employment Equity Manager

Training Fascilitation

Attending all scheduled Training Committee meetings and forum meetings, throughout the year and supplying input where necessary (for Companies with 50 or more employees) 

Business Compliance

Your business can face a  fine of up to R2,7 million or 10% of annual turnover. The Employment Equity Act creates various criminal offences and stipulates that no points may be awarded under the Employment Equity element for B-BBEE purposes if an Employment Equity Report was not submitted.  



Employment Equity Act

The Employment Equity Act applies to businesses that employ more than 50 people or exceed certain thresholds as set per the specific industry.

Employment Equity Reports

Employment Equity Reports must be submitted to the Department of Labour before 1 October of each year (or January if submitted electronically).

Employment Equity Plan

Adson will assist your business in being compliant. Our equity experts will develop and implement an Employment Equity Plan and submission of required reports for your business.


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