Why outsourcing your WSP and ATR submission with Adson Consulting is a GREAT idea!!


Think about golf and action netball. These high-intensity sports require commitment, rigorous training and passion. The same can be applied to Adson Consulting. Our consultants work hard to assist our customers in streamlining their annually WSP and ATR submissions.

Adson is a convenient solution to your business’s needs during the WSP and ATR submission period. We know no limitations as we strive to be the “jaws of life” during this challenging period for many professionals in HR.

Skills Development in South Africa has become a strategic priority for businesses due to the scarcity of skills.  Through the development and implementation of the B-BBEE Act, legislation has encouraged employers to submit their WSP and ATR Reports annually should they wish to attain or retain an acceptable BEE level. With our eagerness and willingness to assist our clients, we take the time to explain why submitting these reports is a good return on investment. Furthermore, we also advise on how to plan for your employee’s training in the future.

What is a WSP?

We can give you a long explanation and elaborate on all the facts. But in short, it is a document that summarises the planned training for employees in an organisation. Many HR practitioners struggle with the time and costs associated with compiling a report, resulting in non-compliance and businesses being discount a B-BBEE level. At Adson, we can do all the strenuous WSP tasks, leaving HR practitioners with enough time to complete all their other duties without compromising on the B-BBEE scorecard of their organisation.


What is an ATR?

An Annual Training Report (ATR) is a follow-up on the WSP submitted by a company to the SETA. It summarised the previous year’s training interventions.

The electronically submitted ATR is processed into a format that each SETA prescribes. SETA’s may also require supporting evidence such as training attendance registers, proof of expenditure, training providers used.


Why is it essential to get us to submit your WSP/ATR?

A well-drafted WSP helps a company identify the skills lacking in their workforce and ensures that optimal funding is received from the SETA to supplement them.

Adson Consulting offers various options, including sourcing accredited training providers and guidance relating to Skills Development Committee members.



Is submitting a WSP and ATR a requirement for scoring BEE points?


The purpose of submitting a company’s WSP/ATR is to enable the SETA to determine what amount the company should be “refunded” (paid). If you fail to submit your Reports, the organisation’s grant for the coming year’s WSP will be suspended. Submission of your Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report is a strict requirement that enables your company to score points on their B-BBEE scorecard. Failure to comply will negatively impact the organisation’s Skills Development score and, ultimately, their B-BBEE status.


 How can ADSON CONSULTING assist?

Adson Consulting has a team of professionals that vary from Skills Development Facilitators (SDF’s) to B-BBEE Specialists that will assist you with all your skills requirements. We will provide the following assistance in developing your company’s WSP:


  1. We identify the training your employees require. 
  2. We analyse the information that we have obtained.
  3. We will create a plan based on this information.


What about the lockdown?

The Adson Consulting team is equipped to assist your company remotely during the lockdown period. We can do B-BBEE verifications remotely or in-person while following the protocol advised by the president.


How long will it take?

We can have your WSP submitted within 48 hours, provided we have all the relevant documentation and information on hand.


How do I get started?

Send us an email at connect@adson.co.za or fill out our online form and we will contact you as soon as we receive your information.





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