If an organisation requires a B-BBEE Compliance Level, the next step is B-BBEE Verification. B-BBEE file building is a formal gathering of information to substantiate the submitted claim. Such a submission aims to comply or reach a particular B-BBEE compliance level. The acquired information and documentation will be presented to the verification agency, either by a consultant or the measured entity.


The verification agency will then validate the data, and additional requests for information might occur.


After validation, the issued B-BBEE Certificate indicates the compliance level, and a company can proceed using their updated Certificate.


As a B-BBEE agency, we assist companies in gathering and building a B-BBEE File with all the relevant information needed during a verification process. The evidence needs to be valid and fall within the measured period.


If your company falls under Generic, for example, all B-BBBEE elements will need to be measured, and for each component, there will be documentation required.


The B-BBEE file building Elements are:


Management Control

Skills Development

Enterprise and supplier Development [Including Preferential Procurement]

Socio-Economic Development


Hereunder are a few examples of documentation we require for each B-BBBEE Element:



Power of Attorney

Company Letterhead

Company Profile

Registration Document (CIPC – not older than 90 days of current date)

Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI)

Certified ID Copies of Owners

Proof of Vat Registration (VAT103) or Tax Compliance Status Pin

Signed and Audited Financial Statements (previous five years including the current year)

Auditors Letter

Last B-BBEE Certificate / Affidavit



Share Certificates

Share Register

Shareholders (Ownership) Organogram

Shareholders Agreement

Shareholders’ Minutes of Meetings

Sale of Shares Agreement (If applicable)

Financing Agreement (only relevant if there are Sales of Shares)

Certified ID copies of Shareholders

Black Designated Group Affidavit (If applicable)

Black New Entrant Affidavit (If applicable)

Ownership Fulfilment Affidavit (only relevant if there is Black New Entrant)



Company Organogram

Latest EEA2 & EEA4

Acknowledgement letter of submission of the EEA2 & EEA4 to the Department of Labour

Employee list

Directors’ Minutes of Meetings

Last three months’ payroll

Annual/Yearly payroll report for the measuring period

Letter explaining any Salary Deviations




EMPSA (EMP Statement of account)

EMP201’s for the measuring period

Proof of Training Expenditures (Invoices &Proof of Payments)

WSP & ATR (Workplace Skills Plan & Annual Training Report)

Proof of submission of WSP & ATR from the relevant SETA

Program targeting priority skills and a letter of Proof

Training Providers Accreditation

Attendance registers, certificates, training records

Training tracking tool



Suppliers’ details Ledger list showing the amount spent excl. Vat – in Excel format

List confirming imports (If applicable)

Letter for a reason for imports (only applicable if there are imports)

Import tax certificate (only applicable if there are imports)

VATSA (VAT Statement of account)

VAT201’s for the measuring period

B-BBEE Certificates / Affidavits



Supplier Development Agreement

Supplier Development Tax invoice & Proof of payment

Supplier Development Thank you letter

Supplier Company Registration document (CIPC – not older than 90 days of current date)

Supplier Company Profile

Supplier B-BBEE Certificate / Affidavit



Enterprise Development Agreement

Enterprise Development Tax invoice & Proof of payment

Enterprise Development Thank you letter

Enterprise Company Registration document (CIPC – not older than 90 days of current date)

Enterprise Company Profile

Enterprise B-BBEE Certificate / Affidavit



Socio-Economic Development Tax Invoice & Proof of Payment

Socio-Economic Development Thank you letter

NPC/NGO Registration Document

NPC/NGO Organization Profile

NPC/NGO B-BBEE Certificate / Affidavit OR Independent Persons Report


Every Verification agency differs and might require additional documentation as well. a Verification agency has a management system to gather data and documentation to comply with their guidelines.


A verification agency also goes through a formal yearly SANAS audit, ensuring their legal compliance with SANAS requirements. If they don’t comply after being audited, they could either be temporally or permanently suspended.


The agency which you use must be SANAS accredited. The SANAS logo and BV Number [Their Accreditation Number] should appear on the B-BBEE Certificate.


The above listed are the most general documentation required by most Verification agencies.


Some sound advice: Appointing a Consulting Agency to assist with your B-BBEE Verification will avoid frustration and guarantee a smooth and effortless verification!!!



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