64 Years later, and the revolutionary women’s protest carrying passes has revolutionised how women are viewed in South Africa. The 20 000 women who marched to Union buildings against legislation aimed at tightening the apartheid government’s control over the movement of black women in urban areas has since paved the way for the women in South Africa to receive more recognition as equitable individuals who are more than able to complete any task given to them.

The role of women in business has seen trailblazers such as African Star Communications founder Farah Fortune, defeat the odds and prove that being a single mother and running one of most prominent public relations companies in Africa can be done. The existing spaces for women in business are one of the characteristics that make South Africa unique from other developing countries that are still fighting their way up in the development ladder from the previous colonial or unjust rule which may have disadvantaged specific communities. While the country still struggles with pressing issues such as Gender-Based Violence, the age-old saying “Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo” which translate to, you strike a woman you strike a rock, remains relevant in the political and economic climate in which the nation finds itself in. Through Acts such as Affirmative Action and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, women in the workplace are given more chances to form part of corporates across the country and contribute meaningfully to the economy of the country. This, in turn, help raise families and improve the standard of living for many youths who will follow in the footsteps of their courageous mothers, grandmother, sisters and aunts.


As Adson, we believe in promoting, motivating, and inspiring woman in the workplace. With our slogan being Rethinking Business Creatively, we craft business solutions by providing the highest quality professional services that address your business issues and needs. Not only do we assist in developing your business to operate both legitimately, sustainably and at the same time, benefit from South Africa’s unique economic landscape, we also participate in partnerships with upcoming organisations that show promising growth. One of these innovative organisations is the Superwoman Hub.

Founded by Hope Ditlhakanyane, a Venture Partner at one of the most substantial organisations training and funding tech talent, she currently works with start-ups across four African markets. Having worked in the investment landscape across Africa, she realised that there is a clear gap in terms of funding channelled to women entrepreneurs.

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“I am passionate about mobilising resources to democratise growth opportunities for women. “Our vision at the Superwoman hub is to connect high impact women across Africa and ensure they access to democratised opportunities. We do this through awareness, advocacy, and action.”

In partnership with Adson and Hachoo Marketing, Superwoman Hub will be hosting an online event which seeks to raise funds to launch the Superwoman Hub Fund in 2021. The Fund will be used to invest and support women-owned businesses across the African continent. The Women in Africa is set to be the largest gathering of high-impact women across the African diaspora. The conference will connect high impact women across Africa on meaningful conversations around what it takes to transform select industries and ensure women are at the forefront of the inclusive growth necessary to harness Africa’s potential. This year’s theme is “Reimagining an Inclusive Africa”. The event will be filled with engaging panel discussions by top women leaders, opportunities for networking with fellow peers and actionable insights on how we can drive inclusive growth for our continent.

Taking place on the 26th of September 2020, tickets are available from as little as R50 for general access, R250 for Networking pass, and go up to VIP access for R400. Networking Pass gives participants access to the exclusive Pre-event on Friday night filled with fun speed dating & networking and entertainment, industry roundtable discussions and career development. The VIP ticket has all of these, plus added benefits, such as being assigned to the Superwoman Hub accountability partner network and one session of group career and leadership coaching.

Adson will be proving corporates who wish to empower their female employees with corporate packages. By empowering the women in your workplace, organisations will earn B-BBEE and Employment Equity points. Panellists include high calibre women from BET Africa, Facebook, Forbes Africa, Accenture, ABSA etc. To access the corporate packages, please send an email to info@adsonconsulting.co.za.

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Through innovative partnerships such as these, as Adson, we know that Rethinking Business Creatively also involves breaking the existing barriers which may prevent any groups from excelling in their spaces. As a consultancy that is based in the heart of South Africa not only geographically but at heart as well, we not only provide ultimate business solutions, but we provide support for organisations such as these which we know will set the pace for women empowerment throughout the continent.


If you’d like to purchase a corporate package for the women in your business, and for information on our services and developing and Implementing an Employment Equity Plan, please send us an email to info@adsonconsulting.com. To get in touch with Superwoman Hub who are open for more collaborations, you can email them at info@superwomanhub.com. You can also follow their social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to keep see the panellist line up as it gets announced and to keep up to date with their initiatives.

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